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Solartech Energy Corp. Plans to Expand Its Capacity to GW Level

published: 2013-12-19 18:00
As PV industry keeps rising, Solartech Energy Corp., a Taiwan based company, will join the GW level club by expanding its capacity from 880MW to 1GW next year following cell companies including Motech, Neo Solar Power and Gintech.
Solartech had a cell capacity expansion plan several years ago, but this plan has been suspended because of the previous industry downtrend. Although the company will restart this plan now, there won’t be many additional funding obligations since they already pre-paid for equipment when launching it. Due to the positive outlook to PV market, Solartech is working under full capacity to satisfy clients’ frequent inquiry for next January.
Price of upstream silicon wafers starts to raise recently. Silicon wafer manufacturers predict that the price may reach a break-even point - US$ 1/piece before the end of January 2014. Solartech admits that there is actually a stronger market demand and cell manufacturers may have some responses to the market through offering a better product price.
Capacity of Neo Solar Power has already reached 2.1GW since they had done their capacity expansion recently and has broadened the gap with other cell manufacturers. Motech’s current cell capacity is 1.6GW and they are planning to expand it. In addition, capacity of Gintech is supposed to reach 1.8GW after their expansion next year.
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