Schneider Electric reinforces its position as a leader in PV utility scale market

published: 2014-01-29 11:40 | editor: | category: News

Schneider Electric Solar Business, a global enterprise in PV inverters and in electrical solutions for the solar power conversion chain, has secured significant new orders for Utility Scale solar electrical equipment in Q4.

"We are very pleased with our significant wins during Q4 2013 and with the way 2014 is shaping up. In a market on its way to consolidation and internationalization, ever more customers are turning to global companies, with broad PV solution capabilities and true bankability, like Schneider Electric‖, said Pierre Emmanuel Frot, Vice President, Business Development – PV Power Plants, for the Solar Business of Schneider Electric.

With orders growing by more than 30% quarter over quarter for their PV Boxes, central inverters (Conext Core XC) and Balance of System equipment, Schneider Electric reinforced its position in the Utility Scale segment in Western Europe, Japan and East Asia.

"We are excited by the interest that we have received from customers for our new products, especially for our new central inverter range for ULoutdoor markets – the Conext Core XC-NA. We also see growing interest globally for our SCADA platform, Conext Control, as customers realize that SCADA systems, with control capabilities beyond simple monitoring, will enable future grid integration requirements. 2014 will definitely be an exciting year." said Mr. Frot

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