2000 Inverter Models From Over 80 Inverter Companies Work with Tigo’s Smart PV Technology

published: 2014-03-27 11:54 | editor: | category: News

Tigo Energy provides PV optimization solutions for solar industry, and the solutions are now successfully operating with over 2000 different types of inverters from over 80 different suppliers. These inverters range from small residential to large utility, covering a widespread geography on the Earth. This is the milestone that represents Tigo Energy’s position about smart modules, enabling module manufacturers the flexibility to handle any number of different inverter architectures.

“We believe that our smart module technology needs to work within the strong ecosystem the solar industry has generated over the past decade,” said Ben Hill GM of Trina Europe. “Trinasmart optimized by Tigo Energy gives us the flexibility to deploy the solution to any geography and gives our customers the most choice possible for their balance of systems decisions. We think this is the most bankable and strategic direction long-term.”

Tigo Energy’s technology is the only available solution that has received written notification of compliance with all of the major inverter manufacturers. These declarations of compliance highlight the compatibility of Tigo Energy’s technology with their inverter topologies and that their standard warranties are valid when used with Tigo’s smart module or optimizer solutions.

Zvi Alon, CEO of Tigo Energy, said: “The recent milestone results from working collaboratively with inverter manufacturers and PV module suppliers while proving scalability and bankability in multiple vertical solutions. Tigo continues to provide an open architecture with strong partnerships giving solar PV module manufacturers the most scalable solution and enabling end-customers the most bankable and diverse range of choices.”

Inverter manufacturers have also worked with Tigo Energy to promote and enable easier adoption of this architecture, such as the introduction of KACO’s blueplanet M-series. This collaboration reduces the number of components a system installer needs to manage, making it easier and faster to install smart modules optimized by Tigo Energy.

“Tigo Energy is a strategic partner for us,” said Scott Sullivan Director of Sales and Marketing for KACO new energy. “Both Tigo and KACO believe that central inversion is the only long-term, cost-effective, and reliable solution for the industry. Tigo Energy’s Smart Module technology adds functionality to the architecture and enhances our own product offering. Together we offer the best combination of bankability, performance, and customer satisfaction in the industry for module-level power electronics.”

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