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Exosun and Soitec to Bring to Market a New Concentrator PV System

published: 2014-04-29 12:00

Exosun and Soitec have combined their expertise and skills over the last two years to develop a comprehensive, new CPV system. Comprising an Exosun tracker holding 18 to 24 Soitec CPV modules, this CX S540 model delivers output per unit reaching up to 61.2 kW. Already being sold by both companies, it will be used in the majority of CPV projects that the French Ministry of Energy selected at the end of the second call to tender for large-scale photovoltaic installations that the French energy regulator, the CRE, issued in March 2013.

Exosun designed and developed dual axis solar trackers using a patented control system to give tracking precision of 0.1°. Going by the name Exotrack® CPV, they combine technical and economic performance to exploit the full potential of Soitec's CPV modules. The drive mechanism, parts tolerance and assembly procedures have been designed to be practical, flexible and modular under any large-scale installation.

Exosun's Exotrack CPV (Photo credit: Exosun)

The leader in concentrating PV technology, Soitec meanwhile developed modules achieving up to 31.8% efficiency. Using Fresnel lenses, light is concentrated 500 times before it reaches the triple-junction cells which convert the sun's rays into electricity. The use of highly resistant materials such as glass and metal ensures the robustness and the durability of every module.

Combining the performance of the Exosun trackers and the Soitec modules, CX S540 systems maximize power generation while optimizing the footprint and keeping the height down to 4.5 meters (under 15 feet).

Jean-Noël de Charentenay, Exosun's VP of Business Development, comments, “The call to tender relating to ground-mounted PV installations of more than 250 kWp issued by the French energy regulator were implemented by the French Government in order to build a solar industry in France, in particular by encouraging innovative technologies like CPV with a total volume of at least 60 MW. This partnership with Soitec illustrates the way in which two French industry manufacturers contribute to forming a strong French PV sector, delivering high-quality and innovative services.”

Jose Beriot, vice president of Solar Projects Development with Soitec’s Solar Energy division, concludes, “The projects that will be built in France are part of the country's energy transition and will serve as a benchmark for this industry of the future, enabling it to win market share internationally. Through this cooperation with Exosun, we are happy to show that CPV technology is in a position to reinvigorate the industry through innovation, and that it represents a true growth driver.”

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