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Delta’s Energy-Efficient “Smart Home”: a Lifestyle of Smart Solutions, Greener Tomorrow

published: 2014-06-05 10:20

Delta Electronics unveiled its energy-efficient “Smart Home” at Computex Taipei 2014. The energy-efficient, lower carbon-emission “Smart Home” showcases Delta’s comprehensive energy management technology for buildings and consumer products that have obtained the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award.

Delta showcases its "Smart Home" at Computex Taipei 2014. (Photo Credit: TechNews)

Mr. Ping Cheng, CEO of Delta highlighted: “Delta is capable of integrating several technologies that significantly boost energy conservation in buildings. For example, our office headquarters in Taipei leveraged these energy-efficient solutions to become the 1st building in Taiwan to obtain a Diamond-Level Green Building certification through a comprehensive retrofit project that delivered energy savings of up to 58% in 2013. The global market of energy efficiency for buildings will likely reach US$ 94 billion by 2015 while achieving up to 60% reduction in carbon emissions. Delta contributes to such market with its renewable energy solutions, energy monitoring systems, automation solutions for HVAC systems, energy regeneration technology for elevators, datacenter infrastructure solutions, EV charging stations, smart LED lighting solutions and other platforms for industrial, commercial and residential applications.”

Shan-Shan Guo, Chief Brand Officer of Delta said: “Delta’s 'Smart Home' was designed under the principles of our brand promise 'Smarter.Greener.Together.' and create a lifestyle of 'Greener Solutions, Better Tomorrow.' Being awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2014 demonstrated Delta’s ability to reach the consumer segment of the market.”

Key features of Delta’s “Smart Home” are:

  • Sitting room and living room: A home theater with a 100-inch screen is built with a Vivitek D966HD projector projecting the Delta Energy Online, where energy consumption data is read, collected and analyzed automatically from a remote site to determine the energy consumption trend of the building.
  • Bar Lounge: LifeHub™ USB extension hub with a 4.5m extension cable and 3 super-speed USB charging ports for users to comfortably charge their devices, anywhere and anytime.
  • Personal Shower Room: The energy-saving and silent Delta ventilation fan is equipped with a brushless DC motor from Delta, which consumes 50% less electricity than most traditional ventilation fans on the market.
  • Work Studio: The operation status of a green data center in a remote location can be monitored through the advanced 4G LTE Small Cell, thus, enabling a highly effective management and right decision making.
  • Small Learning Lounge: By integrating the Vivitek D755WTIR interactive ultra-short throw projector with the NovoConnect wireless presentation system, an advanced and interactive learning environment is enabled for several participants that can discuss and share knowledge with their mobile devices.
  • Outdoor Parking: Coping with the growing electric vehicle trend, we added an outdoor smart residential EV charger.
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