WINAICO Remains Hopeful Under the Anti-dumping Tariffs for Taiwan PV Products

published: 2015-01-23 10:59 | editor: | category: News

Despite the final tariff decision accounced by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) for modules using Taiwanese components, WINAICO, a globally leading PV module brand by the semiconductor company, Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd., remains hopeful that Taiwan solar industry can find a Win-Win solution by supplying technically differentiated and high efficiency solar products for the benefit of the US solar industry.

To close the loophole form the 2012 investigation for Chinese PV cells, US ITC decided to impose anti-dumping tariffs ranging from 11.45% to 27.55% on modules using Taiwanese PV cells and ship to the U.S. Nonetheless, with more than three years of experience in the US solar industry, WINAICO sees the opportunity for Taiwan solar industry to relocate solar cell production overseas, while continue investing in module production in Taiwan. The combination of non-Taiwanese solar cells and Taiwan assembled PV modules is a way to sidestep the tariffs.

Taiwanese solar products have always had the reputation of high quality and high efficiency, and WINAICO has heavily invested in the branding and channel management globally to market the technologically superior products from Taiwan. WINAICO will begin shipping the world’s highest efficiency 300 W PERC modules, WSP-300M6, to US as a testament of Taiwan’s technology leadership. WINAICO urges the Taiwan solar industry to follow suit in investing in the distribution channels as a Win-Win solution to bring the best solar solution to the US solar industry.

“We are deeply disappointed with the tariff decision by US ITC, it will have a detrimental effect on the Taiwan solar industry”, said Davis Chen, Chairman and CEO of WINAICO. “But the Taiwan solar industry shall rethink our go-to-market strategies, and invest in channel management to bring Win-Win solutions for the benefit of the US solar industry.”

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