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Dramatic increase in Shunfeng's PV Cell Shipment Leads to its Outstanding Financial Result in 2014

published: 2015-02-06 17:39

Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited is expected to announce exciting news for its 2014 financial result, which is it has turn losses around in 2014 due to the increased PV cell/module shipment and grid-connected solar plants. Shunfeng indicated that its PV cell shipment reached 863.4MW in 2014, a 79.7% rise from last year’s 480.5MW.

On the other hand, Suntech contributed PV module shipment of 663.7MW in 2014, a 2916.8% rise compared to 22MW in 2013. However, Shunfeng’s module shipment was lower than 2.4GW, while it previously set target at 1.3GW-1.5GW. Shunfeng pointed out that since its total shipment was only 663.7MW in 2014, it couldn’t rank within the top-ten module manufacturers list.

Shunfeng further reported that its total power generation was 606.69GWh for PV plants in 2014.

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