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Jurawatt’s Desert Modules Harvest Sunshine in Colombia

published: 2015-04-23 13:59
Jurawatt's Desert Module. (Source: Jurawatt)

With higher-than-average solar radiation, Colombia is an ideal environment for solar power systems. Jurawatt installed its special-designed Desert Modules in the country to harvest the sunshine. In mid-April, 360 of the JWO60 modules were delivered to MH Energia Solar S.A.S headquartered in Baranquilla for distribution in Colombia.

Juan Manuel Mora Delgado, General Manager of MH Energia Solar, explained, “Our country still uses a lot of coal, hydropower and fossil fuels. But the government wants to promote alternative energies to reduce this dependence and introduce a broader energy mix.”

Colombia is the second most highly populated country in South America after Brazil with around 45 million citizens. Approximately 4% of the population lives in areas that aren’t connected to the grid, and solar power is the ideal solution for thembecause its daily average solar radiation reaches 4.5kW/m2. Moreover,the government has anothergood reason to prompt solar:Colombia has been hit hard by climate change and could be affected by droughts in the future.

Juan Manuel Mora and Patrick Thoma, CEO of Jurawatt GmbH, closed the deal in February. Both are convinced that the Desert Modules’ technology is perfect for Colombia.

Desert Modules are extremely robust and durable (three times longer life span). They are designed to operate in permanent temperatures of up to 145 °C and are completely PID-free. They can also be completely recycled.

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