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NSP Works With DuPont on High-Efficiency Technology Development

published: 2015-04-23 15:18

NSP, a major Taiwanese PV cell manufacturer, signed a technology cooperation agreement with DuPont on high-efficiency metallisation paste development on April 9th. Through DuPont’s ‘Solamet’ PV19x series silver pastes, which includes the company’s exclusive tellurium technology and is designed for high-volume applications, NSP can increase its PV cell conversion efficiency and improve module power output.

DuPont has been developing the PV19x series pastes as the next level for mainstream high performance material that is said to reduce recombination losses, lower lay-down issues and improve fine line geometries for multicrystalline cells with higher efficiency results at a lower cost.

NSP indicated that it will continue to put efforts into technology R&D to lower production costs, producing PV cells/modules with higher efficiencies and reliabilities to satisfy different customers’ needs.


Source: PV tech

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