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Enphase Energy Launches New Solution for Asia-Pacific Commercial Solar Projects

published: 2015-05-13 16:44
Enphase M250 Microinverter (Source: Enphase Energy)

Targeting commercial installations in the Asia-Pacific market, Enphase Energy launched a new comprehensive product solution. The offering includes M250 microinverter along with a new installation design tool, financing options and O&M services.

“The launch of the new Commercial Solution in the Asia-Pacific market is an important sales initiative for Enphase as we expand the recruitment and retention of our customer base,” said Jeff Loebbaka, senior vice president of global sales, marketing and support at Enphase. “This latest offering squarely addresses the strategic priority we place on deepening and expanding the long-term relationships we have with our commercial customers in this very important region.”

The new Enphase® M250 Microinverter now supports both 60- and 72-cell PV modules. The M250 energy system delivers enhanced power generation and operational performance along with a lower Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) than competing string or central inverter systems. In addition, the new commercial product solution will also include Folsom Labs’ advanced HelioScope solar PV system design software for commercial Enphase installations.

"The HelioScope customer base is rapidly expanding in Australia and New Zealand, and many of them use Enphase. By incorporating the Enphase Microinverter products, we provide our customers the integration they are demanding, and further accelerate our growth,” said Paul Gibbs, CEO of Folsom Labs. “Our partnership with Enphase enables installers to quickly assess the viability of each potential residential or commercial project, generating high-quality designs and bankable energy estimates."

Enphase’s commercial installers in the Asia-Pacific region will also benefit from a host of partnerships forged between Enphase and affiliate service providers, covering finance and operations & maintenance, to provide a full range of service offerings to commercial customers. Enphase’s finance partnership providers include Solar Finance Solutions and Classic Funding Group.

The M250 Microinverter for 72-cell modules will be available in the Asia-Pacific region through authorized distribution in June 2015.

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