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Georgia Power to Develop 30MW Solar Project for SUBASE Kings Bay

published: 2015-07-16 15:39

Georgia Power has recently executed a real estate outgrant with the Department of the Navy (DON) which authorizes the company to use land at Naval Submarine Base (SUBASE) Kings Bay for developing a 30MWac solar generation facility. The agreement marks the start of a new collaboration between DON and Georgia Power where the company will develop renewable energy that will further diversify the company's energy portfolio and increase DON's energy security.

"Our solar partnerships with the state's military bases, including SUBASE Kings Bay, are growing solar in Georgia, strengthening Georgia military bases, and stimulating investment in Georgia communities," said Norrie McKenzie, vice president of Renewable Development for Georgia Power.

The outgrant provides Georgia Power access to 258 acres of land at SUBASE Kings Bay for the development of ground-mounted solar PV panels to deliver energy to the state's electric grid. The company expects to break ground on the project late summer and bring the facility online by the end of 2016. The project will be brought online at or below the company's avoided cost, the amount projected it would cost the company to generate comparable energy from other sources. The solar project at SUBASE Kings Bay is estimated to represent a $75 million investment at the installation.  

Working with the Georgia Public Service Commission, Georgia Power is adding renewable energy as part of a diverse generation portfolio and fueling the state's momentum as one of the fastest growing solar markets in the nation. Through its various solar programs, the company is adding thousands of solar panels to Georgia's energy landscape.

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