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E.ON and Sungevity Launch “Go Solar” Program for UK Homes

published: 2015-07-30 18:09

E.ON UK and Sungevity collaborated to launch a new “Go Solar” regional program for households in UK, encouraging them to adopt solar systems. The two companies have successfully launched the same program in Netherlands in 2014 and in Germany earlier this year.

The program will first be piloted in the Midlands and the North of England and is expected to expand to other regions in near future. UK is recognized as one of the leading solar markets in the Europe and the companies aim to offer integrated solar services with high quality and innovation.

Go Solar includes Sungevity's 20-year “SunSure” guarantee which reassures customers that if their solar panel system doesn't produce at least 95% of the electricity quoted, they'll receive a payment to help cover the shortfall over the 20 years. Go Solar customers will also reap the benefits of Sungevity's remote solar design software and proprietary iQuote technology which uses satellite and aerial imagery to provide customers with an accurate system design and quote without the need for upfront home visits. Quotes include estimated cost savings over conventional energy sources based on historical consumption rates. The easily accessible online model also enables customers to monitor the performance of their systems 24 hours a day.

In 2014 E.ON UK's parent company, E.ON SE, participated in a $70 million investment round for Sungevity. E.ON then announced its collaboration with Sungevity in the Netherlands in June 2014 and Germany in May 2015.

"Our UK expansion is a prime example of how a global utility and solar provider can work collaboratively to change the energy landscape across the world," said Andrew Birch, CEO, Sungevity, Inc. "Extending our alliance with E.ON to the UK is another key step toward enabling a more sustainable global future for generations to come."

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