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SunPower Launches X-Series Solar Panels for Rooftop Projects in Japan

published: 2015-07-30 17:47

Japan is one of the most vigorous rooftop PV markets in the world. At this year’s PV Japan exhibition, SunPower launched its latest X-Series solar panels for the market, and schedules to make them available in Japan in early 2016.

The new technology offers a 21.2% nameplate efficiency, representing 8~10% higher power output than conventional solar panels. It is also expected to generate 70% more energy over the first 25 years compared with the current solar panels. The X-Series will be available in Japan in a 345W model.

X-Series solar panels are made with third-generation Maxeon® solar cells by SunPower Corporation, which are built on a solid copper foundation for high reliability and performance. This foundation makes them virtually impervious to the corrosion and cracking that typically degrade conventional panels. As a result, solar panels by SunPower Corporation are backed by the industry's first combined 25-year product and power warranty.

Key features of the X-Series include: superior low-light and spectral response; better performance at high temperatures; ability to generate power in conditions of partial or temporary shading or soiling. The all-black design is also suitable for Japanese rooftops.

"Building owners may achieve faster return on investment by generating more power per square meter on the roof, and they can count on the long-term reliability of solar panels by SunPower Corporation," commented Howard Wenger, SunPower Corporation president, business units.

(Photo Credit: Toshiba Corp. /Maxeon Solar)

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