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Samsung SDI to Showcase “Mega E” the Commercial ESS Solution at Solar Power International 2015

published: 2015-09-14 17:55

Samsung SDI will make the debut for its new energy storage system (ESS) platform called “Mega E” at Solar Power International (SPI) 2015. “Mega E” is one of the world’s highest energy MW platforms for large commercial use. With the launch, Samsung SDI completes its MW-scale platform from high energy to high power applications for utility and commercial customers.

Mega E adopts high energy density battery cells and compact plastic modules so that it is expected to deliver 75% more energy density compared to current units, and it is more space-saving.

“As one of global leaders of supplying lithium-ion battery-related products, Samsung SDI serves the ESS markets with new innovative products that our capability and experience fabricate”, said Woo Chan Kim, Senior Vice President of Samsung SDI ESS Business Team.

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Samsung SDI’s another eye-focusing product is a new type of UPS battery rack product called “Dual Rack”. “Dual Rack” is a set of lithium-ion battery modules which can completely replace lead-acid battery for UPS. One can install the plastic modules from the both front and back sides of the rack, facilitating easier installation, lighter floor loading, and more space saving. Samsung SDI has not only focused on the improvement of the product but also developed the new hybrid business model such as “UES”, which functions as UPS and ESS at the same time so that the overnight cost to own the system can be substantially reduced. A UES was installed in Ui-Wang, Korea for the first time in the world, and has been up and running since its commissioning which was last April.

In addition, Samsung SDI plans to display 48V lithium-ion battery trays at SPI. The product compatible with various types of PCSs, can be installed at a typical 19 inch standard rack with protection functionality, and can compete with lead-acid or Ni-Cd batteries, extending its compatibility to replace the old battery technology with the lithium-ion battery for 48V residential and commercial ESS markets. Further details about the new products will be available at Samsung SDI’s exhibition booth at Hall B 2305.

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