SolarWorld and Enphase Partner to Deploy Next-gen AC Module

published: 2015-09-15 17:19 | editor: | category: News

SolarWorld and Enphase Energy have formed a new partnership focusing on developing a new AC solar module for the global solar PV market. The AC Module will combine SolarWorld’s Sunmodule solar panels and Enphase’s S-Series microinverter technology for eliminating the need to install a centralized string inverter so that owners of PV systems can save more time and money when deploying them.

“There has been significant growth in demand from large solar distributors, installers and fleet owners for a reliable, cost-effective and high-performance AC module product,” said Stefan Zschiegner, vice president of products for Enphase Energy. “The ACM pairing of Enphase’s next-generation S-series microinverters with SolarWorld’s Sunmodules will address this demand by reducing capital and labor costs as well as simplifying the supply chain and logistics. In the future, ACM architecture shall enable a seamless integration with Enphase’s Energy Management System.”

The partnership marks a vertically integration between one of the world’s largest crystalline solar panel providers and one of the world’s leading inverter manufacturers. The next-gen AC modules will be built as automated, high-reliable, integrated systems that allow stable operation and maintenance that help owners of the systems to reduce costs.

(Photo Credit: SolarWorld)

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