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Gintech Signs to Deliver 200MW PV Modules to Europe in 2016

published: 2015-11-05 11:44

Taiwan-based Gintech Energy Corporationannounced an exclusive PV module supply agreement with MPRIME, a channel subsidiary of the European PV integrator Martifer Solar. In 2016, Gintech will deliver 200MW of PV modules to MPRIME for distribution in France, Portugal and Italy under terms of the agreement.

Gintech’s current PV cell production capacity is 1.8GW per year. The company ships approximately 20% of it cells to Europe’s leading markets such as Germany and UK. A representative told EnergyTrend in a phone interview that Gintech itself has a few PV module production capacity, so the 200MW PV modules will be arranged and delivered in cooperation with Gintung Energy Corporation, a Taiwanese PV module manufacturer, and from OEM.

“With the agreement, Gintech will still deliver around 20% of our PV cells to Europe through packaged modules or simply PV cells,” said the representative.

Gintech and Martifer Solar have a long history of cooperation for solar cells, and with the new contract the partnership will soar to another level. With Martifer Solar’s solid networking and strong sales teams, Gintech expectsto see a tremendous volume boost in particularly France, Italy and Portugal in 2016.

“Being a global scaled and leading Taiwanese PV cell and Module manufacturer with superior quality, Gintech enjoyed the solid and fruitful cooperation with Martifer in the past years in cell level,” said Dr. Wen-Whe Pan, President of Gintech. “It is Gintech's pleasure and honor to integrate the cooperation and expand the partnership between Martifer and Gintech to include PV modules in 2015 by inviting Martifer as Gintech's sole distributor in France, Portugal and Italy."

Trade disputes among the EU, China and Taiwan uninfluential: Gintech

The EU is launching a new phase of trade investigations against China’s alleged violation of the Minimum Import Price (MIP) agreement and overseas companies that are accused of helping Chinese manufacturers circumvent EU’s trade barriers. In October, seven Taiwanese PV manufacturers were visited and investigated by EU investigators, bringing risks to the solar trades between Taiwan and the EU.

“We are confident that we can be neutral during the disputes,” answered the Gintech representative when being asked about the anti-circumvention investigations. The anti-circumvention investigations are conducted company by company and Gintech is not investigated, meaning that Gintech could be excluded from the anti-circumvention punishment.

(Photo Credit: Gintech Energy)

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