Apple: Three PV Power Plants will be Built in Inner Mongolia

published: 2015-11-19 15:49 | category: News

Apple has announced to build three PV power plants totaled 170MW with its partners in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. This is enough to power the equivalent of 230,000 Chinese homes within a year. The construction is expected to be completed in 2016.

Meanwhile, according to Tencent, Foxconn will build 400MW PV power plants in Henan till 2018 to power Apple’s iPhone factory in Zhengzhou.

“Apple has made a commitment to China to protect our natural resources of water and air and promote the use of clean energy,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives.

The three PV projects include:
-100MW PV project in Hohhot, Wuchuan County
-50MW PV project in Sunite Zuoqi
-20MW PV project in Hohhot Saihan District

The three PV projects will be a joint venture for Apple, Tianjin Central Semiconductor Corp, and SunPower.

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