Panasonic and UNESCO Launch Education for Sustainable Development in Myanmar

published: 2015-12-23 17:14 | editor: | category: News

UNESCO and Panasonic Corporation signed a project agreement for Myanmar in November 2015 to promote educational support aimed at sustainable development for the next generation of young people living in the vicinity of the Ancient City of Bagan in Myanmar, which is currently a nominee for UNESCO World Heritage listing. The signing marks the launch of the following joint projects.

Donation of 500 units of “eneloop solar storage” to schools around the Ancient City of Bagan

Panasonic will donate a total of 500 units of its “eneloop solar storage” to around 40 schools located in off-grid communities in the vicinity of the Ancient City of Bagan in Myanmar. At present, 1.2 billion people, or about 17% of the world’s population, live in areas without electricity. In Myanmar, 68% of its population is said to have no access to electricity. Young people who live in off-grid communities around the Ancient City of Bagan are suffering from an educational disadvantage as they have no other choice but to study in a poorly-lit classroom, with limited daylight hours.

Panasonic's “eneloop solar storage” is a compact power storage system with LED lights, which stores power generated by solar cells during the day and provides lighting at night or for classrooms. Through this donation, Panasonic will support the development of a school environment where young people can study anytime of the day under safe and bright lights.

Educational support project for sustainable development of communities around the Ancient City of Bagan

In partnership with Myanmar’s Ministry of Education, local government and communities, Panasonic will provide support for this educational initiative over the course of two years. Specifically, with a view to developing future leaders of the country, an education curriculum covering the areas of "sustainable growth," "science" and "society" will be created in conjunction with the Ministry of Education. The program will be offered to young people and teachers/instructors living in off-grid communities near the Ancient City of Bagan, who are responsible for the next generation.

Further, in coordination with Panasonic’s ongoing Eco Learning Program*3, an environmental education program will be conducted to raise environmental awareness of the next generation of children and to motivate them to take concrete action.

Based on this project agreement on the educational support, UNESCO and Panasonic will contribute to sustainable development for young people in Myanmar to gain academic knowledge and fulfill their social responsibility.

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