Exel Solar and Sunpreme Partner to Offer Smart Bifacial PV Modules

published: 2016-01-21 16:16 | editor: | category: News

Bifacial PV modules are recognized as a technology that is able to improve energy yield of PV systems. Exel Solar, an independent distributor of PV products in Mexico, partnered with Sunpreme to offer smart bifacial PV modules in the Mexican market.

“We are able to offer to the Mexican market a truly technically advanced Smart PV Module with proven reliability at a competitive price,” commented Horacio Duhart, President and CEO at Exel Solar on the partnership between Exel Solar and Sunpreme. “Sunpreme brings a strong technical collaboration and professional customer support to this partnership.”

Sunpreme Smart Modules offer customers with advanced functionality that maximizes energy yield and peak string level AC/DC ratio using impedance matching technology. It lowers system costs by increasing string length by up to 30% resulting in fewer BOS components. The Smart Module components work together to communicate wirelessly through the gateway, allowing users to monitor system performance accurately in real time, while meeting NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown safety standards. The modules are Bi-facial, double glass, frameless, easy to install with innovative racking and mounting solutions, and feature 21.5% efficient cells enabling 310W 60-cell and 370W 72-cell Modules, and a low thermal coefficient of -0.28%/C.

“Our carefully designed Smart Modules with advanced optimization solution further accelerates kWh yield and peak string level AC/DC ratio, and reducing installation time and complexity with fewer BOS components,” said Surinder S. Bedi, Executive Vice President for Market Development, System Products, and Global Quality & Reliability at Sunpreme. “As a strategic partner, we will deliver measurable business outcomes by bringing together expertise and capabilities, and to maximize project financial returns and its lifetime yield.”

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