FSP Group Wins 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award by ESS Solution

published: 2016-02-03 18:58 | editor: | category: News

Energy storage system (ESS) is significant for promotion and applications of renewable energy resources because such technology helps regulate the intermittency of renewable power generation. Taiwan-based firm FSP Group has successfully developed various ESSs for overcoming the intermittency issue of renewable energy resources. The EMERGY 1000 Portable Storage System is designed for off-grid systems and has won the 2016 Taiwan Excellence Awards.

It has become the international consensus to fight against climate change by adopting more clean energy resources and reducing CO2 emissions. For complete and effective use of intermittent renewable energy, it is necessary to utilize ESSs when more renewable generation facilities are installed around the world. Mature markets such as Japan and Germany are already prompting ESSs by subsiding battery owners.

FSP Group develop ESS products include grid-tie battery, off-grid (portable/back-up) inverters and self-reliant models. The soon-to-be-released solar power FSP Micro Inverter and the grid-tie/off-grid dual-use Hyspirit Series Inverter are designed to work with solar systems.

The FSP Micro Inverter can maximize the power output of each solar panel without generation efficiency degradation resulted from shade-covered string inverters. In addition, there is no any concern for high DC voltage when using FSP’s inverters. Such features make them safe choices for rooftops and buildings.

The Hyspirit Series Inverters, on the other hand, can further maximize power generation efficiency of solar panels when combined with ESSs. Furthermore, it can be operated in three models – Feed Optimized, Saving Optimized and UPS – for monitoring the real-world power generating situations. With the mechanism, the product offers a smart energy management solution for its customers.

The award-winning EMERGY 1000 Portable Storage System is a built-in self-developed high-efficiency power conversion system that can charge the built-in battery directly by PV panels. Also, users can directly consume electricity stored in the battery. Its large 1500W AC power output is capable of powering home appliances such as induction ovens, refrigerators, TVs and hair dryers so it is undoubtedly applicable to portable medical, communication and premium sound equipment.

EMERGY 1000 is available in more than ten countries with multiple patent certifications. The product is designed no-opening, no-fan cooling so that it is dust- and moisture-prevented, which makes it useful for outdoor solar systems in various environments. EMERGY 1000 is light-weight so that it is easy to carry with even to remote regions without reliable power access.

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