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Japan Announces Feed-in Tariff Schemes for 2016, Subsidies for Solar Drop

published: 2016-03-21 18:58

Japan’s Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry (METI) has announced the new feed-in tariff schemes for renewable energy resources for the fiscal year 2016. The FiT subsidies for solar PV systems dropped as the government’s schedule.

The FiT subsidies for solar PV systems for fiscal year 2016 are as following:

FiT subsidies for renewable energy resources except from solar PV are as following, and all are unchanged from fiscal year 2015:

  • Onshore wind power: 22 yen (>20kW); 55yen (<20kW)
  • Offshore wind power: 36 yen (>20kW)
  • Geothermal: 26 yen (>150,000kW); 40 yen (<150,0000kW)
  • Small/Micro hydro: 24/14 yen (1,000~30,000kW); 29/21 yen (200~1,000kW); 34/25 yen (<200kW). Dependence: new facilities / existing river courses.
  • Biomass (non-wood): 32 yen (>2,000kW); 40 yen (<2,000kW)
  • Biomass (wood and others): 24 yen (wood); 13 yen (wasted building wood materials); 17 yen (wastes); 39 yen (biogas, methane)

Taxes for renewable energy

METI announced the new taxation for renewable energy for fiscal year 2016 along with the new FiT schemes. The tax for renewable energy per kWh will be 2.25 yen.

For an average family that consumes 300kWh of electricity per month, it levies 675 yen per month, or 8,100 yen per year, as the taxation for renewable energy. The new taxation will be effective between May 2016 and April 2017.

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