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WINAICO’s PV Module Certified Class-A by INMETRO Certification

published: 2016-03-29 16:36

Brazil, a country that is blessed with high solar irradiance levels than the global average, is one of the most potential solar markets. Taiwan-based PV modules manufacturer WINAICO has achieved class A rating with Brazil’s INMETRO certification, meaning that its products are allowed to ship to Brazil and the South American markets.

Experiments and tests for the INMETRO certification are carried on by Laboratório de Energia Solar (LABSOL), and WINAICO’s WST-260P6 high-efficiency polycrystalline modules are certified as A-class.

“WINAICO strives to deliver high quality solar modules around the world”, said Davis Chen, Chairman and CEO of WINAICO. “Achieving class A rating for INMETRO paves the way for WINAICO to begin shipping to the emerging Brazilian solar market.”

Brazil’s National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) estimates that the solar installations in Brazil could reach 4.5GW by 2024 as the government is prompting solar power by introducing policies including met metering and solar project auctions. However, Brazil is subject to extreme weather conditions such as hail, heat, humidity and heavy rain so it requires PV modules with better resistance over the natural environment. With the INMETRO class-A certification, WINAICO has proved itself as a modules supplier that can maintain peak performances throughout the year in the country.

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