“Arizona Shines” to Support Rooftop Solar in Arizona

published: 2016-04-01 17:09 | editor: | category: News

Arizona Shines, a new coalition launched by the Energy Freedom Coalition of America (EFCA) that dedicates to protecting access to rooftop solar in the state of Arizona. The first step of showing the coalition’s support is launching the "Arizona Solar Pledge," which will allow signers to demonstrate their support for energy choice and add their names to the growing coalition determined to protect Arizona rooftop solar customers from monopoly utility attacks.

EFCA is a national advocacy organization that seeks to promote public awareness of the benefits of solar and alternative energy through public advocacy. The purposes of the Arizona Solar Pledge include supporting rooftop solar customers, helping stop utility attacks on solar energy, supporting innovation and job creations, and protecting energy choice for Arizonans. All are about defeating anti-solar proposals introduced to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

"Arizona Shines envisions a future in which every person has the ability to generate their own energy,” states Bob Greenlee, spokesperson of Arizona Shines. “We believe a distributed grid is the next chapter in our energy story.”

Rooftop solar in Arizona is facing several threats that aiming to drive rooftop solar out of Arizona. By launching Arizona Shines and signing the Arizona Solar Pledge, EFCA hopes to fight for the state’s rooftop solar so that every Arizonan can have their right to choose their own energy – which is also better for the state to achieve its renewable energy goals.

(Photo Credit: Arizona Shines)

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