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Solar Frontier Modules Chosen For Enilso Solar Projects In Mexico

published: 2016-05-10 16:20

Solar Frontier Americas announced on May 9th its solar modules have been selected to be installed in a pipeline of residential, agri-business and agro-industrial solar power generation projects in and around Sonora, Mexico, by Enilso. Enilso is a rapidly-growing solar distribution and installation organization serving Mexico.  

The solar projects range from 5-10 kW residential projects to 200-500 kW agricultural installations. Scheduled to be installed in Q3 of 2016, the residential projects will significantly reduce homeowner’s monthly electricity bills. In the arid climate of Sonora, agri-business is an important part of the economy where local farmers grow asparagus, table grapes, and melons. The second phase of solar projects will be self-consumption ag-solar installations constructed to generate renewable energy for crop irrigation pumping, cooling facilities for freshly harvested fruits and vegetables and industrial processing and freezing of produce. These smart energy investments stabilize agricultural businesses by supporting energy independence, dramatically reducing energy costs and freeing capital for important equipment purchases.

The founders of Enilso came from generations of farmers. In 2010, they saw the value solar brought to agricultural businesses and spearheaded several solar projects. Today that small business has grown to an experienced, full service installer serving the residential and large commercial solar markets of Mexico.

Charles Pimentel, COO of Solar Frontier Americas said, “We’re impressed with the consistent, organic growth of Enilso and their commitment to quality in both the solar components and construction of their solar projects.”

Solar Frontier’s CIS modules were selected by Enilso for their higher energy yield in real-world conditions.  This is because of a number of technological advantages. In the hot climate of Sonora, for example, the low temperature coefficient of CIS ensures a smaller loss in power output compared to crystalline silicon technologies.

“Enilso selected Solar Frontier to provide our clientele with a solar module that can withstand the torrid climatic conditions of Mexico and continue to deliver the highest energy yields over the life of the solar system,” said Gustavo Borquez, CEO of Enilso.

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