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SolarWorld Launches 1,500V Solar Panel

published: 2016-07-11 18:04

SolarWorld announced to make the debut of a 1,500-volt solar panel at Intersolar North America from July 12 to 14 in San Francisco. The new 72-cell XL solar panel will be for this year’s 4Q peak season.

Compared with 1,000-volt standard solar panels, the 1,500-volt technology enables installers to increase lengths of solar-panel strings by up to 50 percent, thereby requiring fewer combiner boxes, less wiring and trenching and lower labor costs. It is estimated that the cost per watt of installation can be reduced by up to 5%.

The 1,500-volt technology is also ideal for large commercial and utility-scale projects. Furthermore, the new solar panel is certified to UL1703 and is PID-free.

“This new product maximizes the benefits of our 72-cell solar panel design without having to alter its size,” said Mukesh Dulani, U.S. president of SolarWorld. “It represents just the latest development in our long track record of achieving innovations that serve the market.”

Delivery of the 1,500-volt solar panels will be starting in October.

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