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SolarCity and PG&E Collaborate on Distributed Solar

published: 2016-07-13 17:05

SolarCity announced a collaboration with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to demonstrate how the coordinated use of solar smart inverters and behind the meter energy storage could provide enhanced benefits to the grid.

PG&E is teaming up with SolarCity to install smart inverters and battery storage systems for residential rooftop solar customers. The demonstrations will evaluate how PG&E can enhance the stability and power quality of the grid and optimize solar generation and power-flow management through the coordinated use of distributed energy resources like solar with smart inverters and battery storage.

This new project demonstrates a portion of SolarCity's Grid Services product suite, which leverages aggregated distributed energy resources (DERs) – including solar PV with smart inverters, battery storage, and controllable loads – to provide benefits for grid operators including voltage and reactive power support, dynamic capacity, and peak shaving. As part of the project, SolarCity is deploying a portfolio of aggregated DERs to provide PG&E with increased grid flexibility and control as they work to demonstrate a more modern, customer-centric grid.

To support the project, up to 150 residential customers in San Jose will receive smart inverters and/or residential battery storage systems. The project will demonstrate how smart inverters and behind the meter battery storage can be coordinated by the utility to optimize electric distribution planning and operations. The demonstration is expected to commence this September and end in December 2017.

(Photo Credit: SolarCity)

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