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Taiwan-Developed iPV Tracker Can Double Power Yield of PV System

published: 2016-09-09 16:02

Once PV generation has achieved grid parity, it will become one of the most competitive demands of energy on the market. Under "grid parity", the premise of the PV industry chain from top to bottom is in "high efficiency, low cost" for development goals. To meet this goal, solar tracking has been seen as vital to the efficiency of a system.

The main difference between solar trackers and fixed-tilt PV systems is that the modules of solar trackers can change their tilt angles at different times of the day to maximize power generation. The primary solar energy solutions expert founded on Taiwan, BIG SUN, has an exclusive, innovative duel-axis tracking system, the iPV Tracker, that is able to smart track the sun's movement through the sky and is proven to increase annual power generating efficiency up to 30%~50% verses fixed-tilt systems, even reaching 100% power increase in high latitude areas. This simultaneously enhances the utilization of 35% of the power grid to make up shortfalls during peak load times. Moreover, iPV Tracker, with its self-sufficient power operation, is able to maintain a stable rate, which a fixed tilt system cannot beat.

The PV industry is facing a rapidly-changing business and ecological environment and climates. For sure, iPV Tracker is the only PV system to contend against acts of nature. With its exclusive characteristics it can re-orient itself in response to natural calamities such as hurricanes, snowstorms, sandstorms and floods. In all conditions it operates and generates power without loss. Thanks to its higher power output, iPV Tracker can yield 15~50% more land utilization to activate the benefit of the land with multiple applications and incomes.

In addition to iPV Tracker, iPVita is another energy monitoring system innovated by BIG SUN. With iPVita, all of a power plants' information can be monitored full-time. It is based on the concept of traffic lights (red/yellow/green) to show plant conditions and save the cost of operation and maintenance for long distance checks. The beauty of the iPV Tracker & iPVita combination is generating an outstanding utilization rate to 99.9%.

Looking ahead, Summer Luo, the chairman of BIG SUN Group, believes that iPV Tracker is designed for systems to continuously generate power throughout the whole daytime period and is able to supply power according to the daytime load curve. "iPV Tracker is a high beneficial dual axis tracking system that brings out the efficiency and brings down the cost of your PV plants," Luo said. "Increased investment will return multiple benefits." All in all, iPV Tracker is the highlight of Taiwan, stands alone in the renewable energy space and has earned the acclaim of global EPCs.

For more information, visit BIG SUN at 2016 SPI booth # 3274

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