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SolarWorld Extends Solar Panels’ Workmanship Warranty to 20 Years

published: 2017-02-06 17:22

German solar panel manufacturer SolarWorld announced to double the duration of its workmanship warranty on its entire portfolio of solar panels to 20 years. The new rule will be applied to all solar modules shipped after January 1, 2017, plus existing 25- or 30-year performance guarantee.

SolarWorld celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1997 by establish the industry’s first 25-year performance guarantee. In 2009, the company offered a 25-year linear performance guarantee, pioneering the industry as well, thanks to its technology that helped restrict power decline under 0.7 percentage points each operational year. This guarantee has been extended to 30-year in 2013 as the updated protection offered annual degradation of under 0.35 percentage points.

To improve customer protection, SolarWorld announced to offer 20-year workmanship warranty for all of its solar modules shipped after the very first day of this year, reflecting the company’s well-proven technology.

Product lines including PERC modules, glass-to-glass modules will all be covered by the new rule.

“Over the decades, we have been able to take the lead in our product protections because we have the track record – the real-life data – to give us confidence in our products,” said Shane Messer, U.S. vice president for sales and marketing for SolarWorld. “At every stage in production, we put quality first, and the investment has paid off over time. Consumers win because they can count on more protection for their own investment.”

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