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Hanwha Q CELLS to Unveil Q.PEAK the Half-cut, Monocrystalline Module

published: 2016-09-12 17:22

Hanwha Q CELLS will unveil a complete series of new monocrystalline solar modules and prototypes based on the company's proprietary Q.ANTUM technology at Solar Power International (SPI) in Las Vegas from September 13-15, 2016.

The new monocrystalline Q.ANTUM modules will be called "Q.PEAK" and are set to supplement the award winning Q.PLUS range of polycrystalline solar modules, thus completing the strong product portfolio of Q.ANTUM based solar modules for higher yields enabling lower LCOE. The Q.PEAK modules, which will come in 60- and 72-cell form factors and reaching up to 305Wp and 370Wp respectively, will be on sale starting in Q1 2017 and Q3 2017 respectively. Exciting prototype products for release in Q4 2017 will also be displayed at booth 2337 in the North Hall at SPI: Q.PEAK prototypes using half-cell and double glass technologies will take Q.ANTUM to the next levels in terms of efficiency and performance as well as durability in harsh climates.

With the launch of the more complete solar portfolio of Q CELLS at SPI 2016, Hanwha Q CELLS demonstrates its commitment to strengthen its market presence in the US solar market.

"We cannot wait to present our current and next generation of Q.ANTUM products to PV customers in the USA," said Mr. Seong Woo Nam, Chairman and CEO of Hanwha Q CELLS. "Our new, enhanced and 'Engineered in Germany' Q.ANTUM product portfolio is set to meet and exceed the expectations of PV customers and investors in the USA. Moreover, we continue to build on our ability to supply large scales of tariff-free, high performance and quality modules along with corporate stability and reliability as one of the world's largest solar companies and a part of the Fortune Global 500 business enterprise, Hanwha Group."

Q CELLS’ highlights at this year's SPI will be the current polycrystalline solar modules, the monocrystalline next generation modules, as well as the monocrystalline prototypes using half-cell and double glass technologies – all based on Hanwha Q CELLS' proprietary and matured Q.ANTUM technology. Today, Q.ANTUM is the most advanced and matured PERC-based technology in the industry, as proven by world efficiency records as well as a track record of more than 440 million Q.ANTUM solar cells produced since 2012, equalling 2 GW. The latest world efficiency record for polycrystalline solar modules in standard size (1670 x 1000 mm2) is held by a Q.ANTUM module prototype of 19.5% and a power output of 301 watts, as confirmed by the independent Fraunhofer ISE institute. Q.ANTUM solar modules offer all of Q CELLS' VDE certified quality standards like Anti-PID protection, Hot-spot protect, and Tra.Q laser marking.

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