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Toshiba Launches Low-input Current Drive, Rail-to-Rail Output Gate-drive Photocouplers

published: 2016-09-23 15:57

Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced a series of low-input current drive, rail-to-rail output, gate-drive photocouplers. With a threshold input current of 2mA (max), half the 4mA (max) of Toshiba’s existing products[1], the new photocouplers allow bufferless direct drive of low- to medium-power IGBTs and MOSFETs from microcontrollers.

The TLP5771, TLP5772 and TLP5774 have respective peak output currents of 1.0A, 2.5A and 4.0A, allowing the series to meet a wide range of user requirements. In addition, because minimum operating voltage is 10V compared to the 15V of previous devices[1], the new couplers contribute to higher system efficiency and lower power consumption.

All of the new devices are housed in a low-profile 2.3mm SO6L package that supports the development of thinner and smaller systems. Minimum isolation voltage rating is 5000Vrms and operating temperature is from -40˚C to 110˚C.

Potential applications for the new photocouplers include servo amplifiers, small motor drivers, general-purpose inverters, photovoltaic (PV) inverters and industrial sewing machines. The TLP5771 is suitable for small-scale IGBTs up to 20A, while the TLP5772 is applicable for mid-scale IGBTs up to 80A. The TLP5774 can be used with mid-scale IGBTs up to 100A.


[1] Toshiba’s existing products: TLP5751, TLP5752 and TLP5754

About Toshiba Electronics Europe

Toshiba Electronics Europe(TEE) is the European electronic components business of Toshiba Corporation, which is ranked among the world’s largest semiconductor vendors. TEE offers one of the industry's broadest IC and discrete product lines including high-end memory, microcontrollers, ASICs and ASSPs for automotive, multimedia, industrial, telecoms and networking applications. The company also has a wide range of power semiconductor solutions as well as storage products including HDDs, SSDs, SD Cards and USB sticks.

TEE was formed in 1973 in Neuss, Germany, providing design, manufacturing, marketing and sales and now has headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, with branch offices in France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. TEE employs approximately 300 people in Europe. Company president is Mr. Akira Morinaga.

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