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Sunrun and LG Chem to Partner for Solar + Battery Solution

published: 2016-10-27 18:15

Residential solar system provider Sunrun, and battery manufacturer LG Chem, together announced a new partnership along with LG Chem’s energy storage technology for the U.S. residential solar market.

The heart of this partnership is to integrate LG Chem’s lithium-ion RESU batteries into Sunrun’s BrightBox™ solar generation plus energy storage systems for residential users. Sunrun BrightBox gives users new ways to manage – or to be energy independent -- their energy produced by their own solar panels. In the future, this device could even allow users to opt for time-of-use tariffs instead of time shift mode so that they could use solar energy to minimize paying peak rate energy prices

LG Chem’s battery solution will strengthen the efficiency and performance of Sunrun BrightBox, noted Michael Grasso, Chief Marketing Officer of Sunrun. “The partnership with LG Chem supports our financing advantage, enabling our customers to install solar plus energy storage for little to no money down,” added Grasso.

“Sunrun understands the importance of giving consumers control of their energy by integrating storage with solar. Therefore Sunrun is the right partner for the launch of our residential energy storage product, the new RESU,” said Wonjoon Suh, Global Marketing Department Leader of ESS Battery Division, LG Chem. “We share Sunrun’s commitment to innovation and delivering quality solutions to customers. We look forward to bringing our advanced battery technology to the growing North American residential solar market.”

Sunrun’s BrightBox is currently available in Hawaii through monthly or prepaid lease programs. With its new partnership with LG Chem, Sunrun plans to make the RESU-integrated solution to the entire solar energy industry through its subsidiary, AEE Solar, a nationwide solar product distributor in the U.S.

(Graphic source: Sunrun's Blog)

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