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Sharp Launches Solar-Powered Chair That Can Charge Smartphones

published: 2016-10-27 18:20

Sharp’s diversified, high-tech home appliances and commercial electrical equipment have a place in the market. Its solar technology development is not to be underestimated, even when sales are declining. Recently, Sharp launched solar-powered chairs that can conduct power generation and storage at the same time. What’s more, it can support USB charging!

Sharp’s new product is based on the concept of “solar charging station”, which combines high-efficiency compound solar cells, lithium battery energy storage devices, USB charging port, and etc. By putting all of these components on this chair, people can rest and get the power needed while sitting on it.

The most special part about this chair is that the high-efficiency compound solar cell used is a high-tech product that Sharp offers for artificial satellites, with conversion efficiency up to 30%. Even if the chair is placed on the balcony or under the eaves, it has a certain level of power generation efficiency. Power generated by solar panels will be stored directly in the batteries under the seat.

Structure of Sharp’s solar-powered chair: solar panels, USB charging port, and battery. (Source: Sharp)

The weight of the chair is comparable to that of a normal chair and can be easily moved. Sharp and the Tokyo Environmental Public Service Corporation are jointly promoting the “City Charging Program.” Therefore, these cool chairs can be seen at three coffee shops in Tokyo in the end of October this year.

Before this, Sharp has introduced solar-powered LED street light that combines black solar technology, lithium batteries, and USB charging port. There is one installed on Tokyo streets. The solar-powered LED street light is available for purchase in August this year. 

(Photo Credit: Sharp)

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