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NSP Revealed a Gross Margin of -42.75% in Third Quarter of 2016

published: 2016-11-11 18:26

On November 11th 2016, NSP announced the financial reports for the first three quarters this year as well as 3Q16. Due to the plunge in demand in 3Q16 and lower average prices, NSP’s gross margin dropped to -42.75% in 3Q16, leading to loss in both 3Q16 and the first three quarter this year.

NSP indicated that the net revenue reached NT$ 2.979 billion in 3Q16, down 33.85% from 2Q16. The company’s manufacturing cost per unit has increased due to the following factors – weak overall demand, record low average prices, and the loss recognition of inventory losses and relocation costs. The gross sales reached NT$ 1.273 billion and a negative gross margin of 42.75%.

Meanwhile, NSP’s operating expenses in 3Q16 stayed flat from 2Q16, reaching NT$ 4.72 billion. But the net loss reached NT$ 1.786 billion, leading to an operating net profit ratio of -59.96%. Its net loss after-tax was NT$ 1.874 billion, with the net loss per share reaching NT$ 1.82.

For the first three quarters of this year, the net loss after-tax was NT$ 2.707 billion, with the net loss after-tax per share reaching NT$ 2.83.

NSP has completed the ECB fundraising by the end of October, obtaining US$ 120 million of overseas fund. This allowed the company to maintain a debt-to-asset ratio of 46% in late-3Q16.

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