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Mitsubishi Electric to Cover Costa Rican Luxury Commuity with Solar Panels

published: 2016-12-21 18:55

Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. announced the commencement of a 480kW solar electric system installation at Punta Bocana in Herredura, Costa Rica. Forty-eight units and villas in Phase I at the luxury coastal residential complex will include a 10kW system for each home. The system is expected to offset nearly 100% of each home’s energy usage throughout the day and to provide evening energy when the net metering program in Costa Rica is available in April 2017. Phase II will integrate a five-star boutique hotel and world-class marina and marina village, which will include an elite commercial plaza.

The full system installed at Punta Bocana is expected to produce 919,800 kWh in the first year of production, resulting in a CO2 offset of 977 tons. The CO2 offset is equivalent to planting 4,492 trees every year.

The installation furthers progress toward the renewable energy source goals described in the National Energy Plan published by Costa Rica’s Environmental and Energy Ministry.

Project manager Thomas Walker of Punta Bocana stated that electricity rates in Costa Rica range from $0.32 to $0.40 per kWh. “A typical 2,500-square-foot home can see monthly bills from $800 to $1,500 per month depending on their usage. However, with a 10kW solar array with net metering, the homeowners could earn credit, making the unit a net zero energy home.”

Walker explained that due to the proximity to the ocean and the high salt concentration in the air, the system called for durable equipment that would resist corrosion. “Mitsubishi Electric panels are double coated and anodized making it the perfect choice for coastal installations. They are among the most reliable and durable in the industry,” said Walker. “Homeowners want to have peace of mind that their new system is built to the highest standards.”

The Punta Bocana complex is designed by world-renowned architect Abraham Valenzuela. “I believe each project should harmoniously join internal areas with the outdoors to promote physical and mental well-being of those who live in the space,” stated Valenzuela. “This site integrates power from the sun into sustainable, healthy living for people and the environment.”

The project is scheduled to be completed in early 2018. Punta Bocana is an HSOLIS development.

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