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Kyocera Receives Recycling Award from the City of San Diego for 17th Consecutive Year

published: 2017-04-07 15:43


Kyocera International, Inc. today was honored with the 2017 “Recycler of the Year” award from the City of San Diego’s Environmental Services Department (ESD) for its recycling and waste reduction efforts. This is the 17th consecutive year that Kyocera has been awarded for these efforts by the City of San Diego.

Over the past 12 months, in addition to reducing electricity demand and expenditures, Kyocera has continued to refine its efforts to protect and improve the environment. Some of these efforts include reusing 100 percent of the water used in production processes; reusing shipping materials; investing funds in the creation of a landfill cap to help safeguard landfills; reusing cubicles, furniture and electronic equipment after a recent office move; recycling non-reusable electronics; conducting a “Kyocera Earth Expo” community event; ensuring extensive use of recycling bins in its offices; as well as updating Kyocera’s portfolio of mobile devices to focus on rugged, waterproof devices that last longer, creating less electronic waste and recycling matter.

The Company’s water recycling efforts save more than 10 million gallons of industrial process water from being discharged annually, which equates to the water usage of approximately 470 typical San Diego households. Kyocera has also encouraged the reduction and elimination of paper use wherever possible. Virtually all printers on site default to print on both sides of the paper and use 100 percent recycled toner cartridges. Kyocera’s 2016 Earth Expo, a public event held in conjunction with Earth Day, welcomed nearly 600 visitors and more than 55 environmentally-conscious exhibitors.

Kyocera also continued its support of Cell Phones For Soldiers, a charity that recycles pre-owned mobile phones and uses the proceeds to help military members stay in touch with their families. This program has continued to collect hundreds of phones each year, facilitating the distribution of more than 50,000 minutes of long-distance calling cards for troops and their families to date.

"Kyocera has a long-standing commitment to social responsibility and sustainability," said Bob Whisler, president of Kyocera International, Inc. "As members of the San Diego community, the company and our employees take this responsibility very seriously, and we are proud to be recognized again this year for our dedication to improving the environment and impacting the greater social good.”

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