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GCL-SI Displays Its Solar Energy Expertise at Intersolar South America 2017

published: 2017-08-28 16:48

GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd (GCL-SI), a subsidiary of the world's leading energy group, GCL, is currently displaying its range of solar products and technologies at Intersolar South America 2017 in Sao Paulo, which is the largest solar exhibition and conference in the area.

GCL-SI, a module and integrated system solution provider, is showcasing its PV module products and E-KwBe intelligent energy storage system. At the same time, the company is demonstrating its capability of delivering one-stop energy solutions to the local and international customers at the expo.

The module GCL-P6/72 unveiled at the expo appeals specifically at utility power plant, which is the major driver of demand in the Brazilian market. The module achieves maximum power output of 325 watts. In addition, the module has been tested twice 100% EL inspection to ensure the quality and reliability. Other than this, the module has passed 192hours' 85% humidity and 85°C test with less than 3% degradation, making the modules highly PID resistant.

Besides the activities at the expo, GCL-SI will hold its first-ever workshop in Sao Paulo as a follow-up session on August 25th. The workshop will include a more detailed presentation on the company and products, both solar panel technology and storage system. There will also be a discussion of the results of the company's research into Generation Distribution (GD) in the Brazilian market.

Mr. Hu Huiming, the vice president of GCL-SI sales overseas, said, "Intersolar South America 2017 offers us a great opportunity to introduce our brand, reach out to potential local customers, listen to their needs and learn more about their requirements. By making connections at this event, we hope that we'll be able to help solve local problems and bring more green energy to South American countries."

GCL-SI has developed business partnerships with quite a few local and international companies, including Balfar Solar and Fenix Solar in Brazil and Germany-based Eurosolar, by supplying them with GCL-SI's modules. After the expo, GCL system will visit each company to organize workshops and communicate in-depth with their partners. "While we are always on the lookout for new partnership opportunities, we are committed to deepening our relationships with our existing client base," said Mr. Dong Shuguang, the executive president of GCL-SI.

(Article source: PR Newswire)

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