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Jaguar Land Rover Teams up with Connected Energy for Power Battery Re-use

published: 2018-08-01 13:30

Connected Energy, an integrated energy storage solution provider, announced to cooperate with Jaguar Land Roger, in order to carry out the power battery reuse plan that is worth 1.3 million British pounds and build critical components in the value chain of secondary power battery. E-STOR, an energy-storage technology designed by Connected Energy, is successfully integrated with the second-life power battery of Jaguar Land Rover, according to foreign media.

The technical team of Connected Energy already adjusted its control system and methods, so as to operate Jaguar Land Rover's large battery in the E-STOR system. The battery is featured with a liquid-cooled system. This is the first time that Jaguar Land Rover's I-PACE battery has operated outside a vehicle in a stationary storage mode.

The reuse of electric vehicle (EV) battery is an example that propels innovation of circular economy. When a power battery is used as a second life battery, its embedded carbon and energy during its battery manufacturing process can be utilized in a better way. The sustainability of EV and power system is enhanced. When the energy storage system is promoted to more end users, the second life battery within the system can lower the costs and make the system more price-competitive.

The project lead of Jaguar Land Rover, Ryan Fisher expressed that by 2020, all new models of Jaguar Land Rover will offer the option of electrification. His project researches how an electric vehicle battery is given a second life in an energy storage solution, in order to satisfy broader requirements in the industry.

(Article source: EnergyTrend China; Image credit: Connected Energy)

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