Gogoro 3 Makes Debut

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Gogoro unveiled its new-generation electric motorcycle Gogoro 3 on May 8, meant to tap the mass market with its competitive price.

To promote sales, the company will initiate alliance program this year, allowing motorcycle stores to sell its products, according to Horace Luke, founder and CEO of Gogoro. Up to now, there have been 150,000 Gogoro riders, with total traveling distance of the electric motorcycle having topped 700 million kilometers.

With a streamlined appearance, quite different from common motorcycles, Gogoro 3 employs non-toxic No. 5 plastics and shuns baking varnish, as a result of which scratch won't leave a trace on its body. It is furnished with a 125 cc-equivalent motive force and a sync braking system (SBS), with cruising range reaching 170 kilometers. 

Gogoro 3's streamlined design for the head

The cup holder on the left side

Gogoro 3's power-saving stands enables easy parking

Gogoro 3 has a large storage compartment and a cup holder, plus a power-saving stand, enabling weaker ones to park the motorcycle easily.

In addition to original App smart inductive unlocking, Gogoro 3 boasts a NFC (near-field communication) smart key card, capable of locking or unlocking the vehicle simply by putting the card near the lock. In cooperation with Mega Bank the card doubles as a co-brand credit card. Buyers will be entitled to an interest-free 24-installment payment by June 30.

Six options of colors are available for Gogoro 3, namely lemon sorbet, maple sugar mocha, blue berry mouse, blue, red and gray. With a list price of NT$69,980, buyers can have the electric motorcycle at much lower cost, thanks to government subsidy. In Taoyuan City, for instance, thanks to the program for phasing out two-stroke motorcycles, Gogoro 3 buyers can enjoy up to NT$33,000 of subsidy, which, plus NT$1,000 subsidy for combined braking system (CBS), can cut the cost to NT$35,980.   

Smart key card is available

Gogoro 3 in lemon sorbet color

Gogoro 3 in maple sugar mocha color

Gogoro 3 in blue color

Gogoro 3 in blue berry mousse color

Gogoro 3 in red color

Gogoro 3 in gray color

(Collaborative media: TechNews, first photo courtesy of TechNews)

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