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YFY Activates The Largest Biogas Power Generation System in Taiwan, Which Will Power Nearly 10,000 Households in 2020

published: 2019-11-11 9:30

After five years, YFY’s Sinwu plant has opened the largest biogas power generation facility in Taiwan on October 24. The Sinwu plant currently has two biogas power generation units with a capacity of 2400KW. The third system with a capacity of 1,560KW is expected to be completed in 3Q20, when the annual generating capacity will reach 32000 MW.

YFY’s Sinwu plant mainly uses an anaerobic circulation system to generate its electricity. The water that is being discharged from the production of its industrial papers is known to contain a lot of organic matter; thus, the team has cultivated six kinds of high-quality anaerobic bacteria through its exclusive technology. With the control of temperature and pH, the micro-organisms can quickly decompose and absorb the organic matter in water, before being transformed and recycled into biogas (methane).

The Sinwu plant currently uses many advanced processes; this includes the use of the biological desulfurization process, which can help to minimize the pollution of the traditional chemical sulfur removal procedures.

For the Sinwu plant, it takes only four hours to produce biogas. By comparison, it takes 20 to 35 days to produce biogas for the past farming and food waste raw materials. The efficiency has increased nearly 200 times. Therefore, the Sinwu plant has the benefits of high yield, high purity and high conversion efficiency, and the production can reach 28,000 cubic meters per day, with a biogas purity of 80%. The conversion efficiency is a lot higher than those of wind and solar energy, and can reach up to 40%, with 24 hours of uninterrupted power generation.

According to PAQUES, there are more than 500 anaerobic biogas plants across Asia, and the conversion efficiency of YFY’s Sinwu plant can be ranked in the top 10.

The company indicated that it had adopted sugarcanes to make papers in its infancy, which also launched its “circular economy” and “zero waste” developments. In 2014, the Sinwu plant officially started planning and working with its unit three anaerobic cycle system. It started construction and completed testing in 2015. In 2018, the plant completed its power generation system, which was officially connected to the grid in June 2019.

The Sinwu plant’s total capacity is 3960KW. Currently, the 2,400 KW system is in operation. The third power generation system with a capacity of 1,560 KW is expected to be completed in 3Q20. By then, the annual power generation will reach 32000 MW, which will power nearly 10,000 households in Taiwan.

In the future, in addition to developing its own biogas power supply, the Sinwu plant will also begin to adopt unique bacteria. So far, the Sinwu plant’s bacteria have already been largely purchased by enterprises with anaerobic biological treatment systems, such as those from the food processing industries. It has also begun to receive orders from multinational enterprises from Indonesia. In the future, YFY will continue to supply bacteria to other biogas plants to enhance the efficiency of biogas power generation in Taiwan.

(Image: YFY)

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