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Aeon Offers Bargains in Plans upon Purchases as Low as Free Rides for the First Year

published: 2021-05-26 9:30

Aeon Motor has launched an offer in May that any purchases starting from May 1st will receive a 1-year subsidy on battery plan at NT$299/month, which equals free rides during the first year for low usage riders. 

Aeon Motor, following closely behind Gogoro in the sales of electric scooters, has launched a rather ferocious bargain to welcome the arrival of May, where new buyers of any Aeon smart scooters starting from May 1st will receive a subsidy on battery plans at NT$299/month. 

This means that new owners will enjoy free rides in the first year if they decided to go for the NT$299 Flex Plan, and will also receive the monthly subsidy of NT$299 for the first year if they choose to go with the $499 plan or the $899 unlimited plan. 

On the left is the Ai-3, and on the right is the highly acclaimed dark green Ai-1. (Source: captured by TechNews) 

This reward plan can be regarded as the most practical route among existing bargains in electric scooter purchases as it saves you NT$3,600. The offer will expire on May 31st, and it is quite an incentive if you pair it with other bargains such as the recommendation discount, purchase gift, or installment. 

The numerous bargains in electric scooters are often one-off, such as the NT$10K off when purchasing PGO scooters a while back, which was only offered for high-end models. The NT$299 monthly subsidy launched by Aeon Motor this time, regardless of usage, is quite a great deal. 

(Cover photo source: Aeon Motor) 

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