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TECO Debuts Power System T Power+; Electric Bus Expected for Mass Production Next Year

published: 2021-11-01 9:30

TECO recently debuted its autonomously developed, designed, and manufactured EV power system T Power+, which is applicable to electric trucks, electric heavy duty trucks, port AGVs, and ferries. T Power+ has a modularized motor power design, and conforms to various vehicle requirements ranging from 150kW to 250kW. With the testing on completed units alongside electric bus suppliers this year, the power system is expected for mass production and launch next year.

Ciu Chwen-Jy, Chairman of TECO, commented that the new T Power+ power system designed for electric buses is adopted with an in-house and modularized design, which connects to smart monitoring, and possesses ability of DMIT (Designed and Made in Taiwan) auto power systems. TECO is so far the only power system supplier that has qualified for the DMIT program, which accelerates the target of attaining localization in the supply chain for EVs.

As pointed out by Chiu, the T Power+ series are capable of patented technology such as the reduction of noise, magnetic leakages, and torque ripples. The motor is adopted with China Steel’s high performance electromagnetic steel plates that contain a 98% monomer efficiency and 96% M+1 system efficiency, and exerts advantages in weight, modularization, and strength, which satisfies prolonged high speed driving.

Lien Chao-chih, General Manager of TECO, commented that the driver of the T Power+ series excels in flexibility, efficiency, power density, and reliability, with a wider application scope that makes it applicable on electric trucks and heavy duty trucks. The power system can also be extended to other fields, such as electric ferries, electric agricultural tractors, and AGVs at ports.

Lien pointed out that TECO had initiated its production lines exclusive for motors and drivers in June this year. Manufacturing under automated and smart technology, the auto power system has passed the performance test, and is scheduled for road tests with electric bus suppliers by the end of the year, with mass production expected for next year that will realize the localization target in advance.

Lien shared that TECO has also offered its latest application in commercial models below 3.49 tons, and will be working with Taiwan Pelican Express on creating the first electric logistics car in the island, which is why the company showcased the chassis integrated with the 3-in-1 power system of T Power motor, driver, and decelerator at the E-Mobility exhibition recently. It is hoping to release an upgraded version in the near future.

 (Cover photo source: TechNews)

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