Taiwan’s Largest Solar Stadium Built with Daily Capacity of Nearly 6,000 kWh

published: 2021-11-01 15:48 | editor: | category: News

On October 30, the largest solar stadium was inaugurated at Taoyuan Senior High School, Taiwan. With a capacity of 2MW, the stadium can produce electricity for more than 590 families for a year. The PV system construction and subsequent maintenance—funded by Zhao Yang Energy, a subsidiary of URE-affiliated Hemvan—total a cost of NT$120 million ($4.3 million).

The 2MW solar stadium is currently the biggest all-weather stadium in Taiwan with capability of generating 5,913 kWh of electricity every day. The stadium also helps reduce 1140.695 tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to afforestation of 2,652 trees and reduction of exhaust emissions from 380 compact cars.

As a joint venture founded by URE, Taiwan Life Insurance, Shin Kong Life and Shin Kong Financial Holdings, Hemvan now holds land development rights of more than 18MW power stations and will continue constructing PV solar plants. Adopting URE’s high-performance double glass modules, the stadium comprises 8 ground-mounted PV facilities (the ground mounted PV systems are installed in two basketball courts, two volleyball courts, two tennis courts and two multi-use courts for basketball and volleyball) and 5 rooftop systems installed above an indoor swimming pool, two indoor stadiums and two school buildings.

URE chairman Sam Hong said that as the first Taiwanese company to construct PV solar plants, URE has bid for domestic construction projects totaling a capacity of 230MW; the company will continue participating in related bidding. Additionally, URE plans to build a 100MW symbiotic zone for fishery electricity as well as 200MW power plants across land subsidence regions and non-arable lands by 2022, thus totaling an installed solar power capacity of 300MW throughout the year.

 (Source of first image: URE)

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