FSP to Enter the Traffic Control and Energy Storage Sector for the Vision of a Smart City that Never Goes Offline

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As the world undergoes the recent wave of smart transformation, the issue of energy supply is now more than ever a topic in the public consciousness. Designs for energy storage and supply systems targeting traffic systems and the power grid have also become a newfound product focus for power supply manufacturers and system integrators. As an established player in the power supply industry, FSP has also targeted the two major fields of smart transportation and energy storage, launching high-quality, highly integrated, and highly reliable total solutions that have seen numerous cases of successful market adoption in recent years.

FSP points out that smart transportation systems have traditionally operated in mostly isolated environments with limited cross-system integration requirements. However, the advent of the 5G system in 2020 has opened up brand new possibilities for smart transportation that now demands integration and connectivity across systems to create more added value. In terms of the overall architecture, it is clear that smart transportation will rely on an Internet of Things-based architecture, which will be comprised of front-end devices that capture environmental or equipment information and send the data upstream to another back-end platform. Common front-end for smart transportation systems include devices like CCTVs, traffic signs, water level/ wind direction sensors, etc. With increasing diversity in the front-end devices and the multitude of functions they serve, the power supplies within these devices are also faced with an unprecedented level of challenges to overcome.

In response, FSP has released a series of power supply solutions targeting smart transportation systems. Take parking lots as an example (Fig.1), a complete parking system of the modern age is comprised of systems and devices that work together to offer functions like vehicle/ plate/ parking space management, charging and timing functionality, parking management, and traffic management. All of the devices providing these functions will need a power supply. To target this need, FSP is offering highly integrated solutions in the form of PoE power supplies and UPS systems designed for CCTVs at the entrance and exits of parking lots. As for power management systems, FSP is confident that its products are fully compliant with the stringent operating temperature and communication protocol requirements. At the same time, FSP also has modular, miniaturized, and highly efficient CRPS and Slim product lines that are perfect for parking management systems and cloud platforms.

Caption: The fact is that every system or device in the parking lot ecosystem requires a different power supply solution, and FSP can provide corresponding solutions depending on individual use case scenarios.

Besides parking lot systems, the ubiquitously omnipresent traffic control systems (Fig.2) and smart street lights (Fig.3), which are thought to be important infrastructures for the smart cities of the future, all demand efficient, compact, and highly integrated power supply solutions. FSP’s comprehensive product line has superior digitization, communication, modularity, and reliability, promising to be the solution to provide stable power for smart cities in the 5G era and ensure uninterrupted uptime.

Caption: FSP has a comprehensive power supply product line for traffic management systems that can ensure maximum system uptime.

Caption: Smart street lights are considered to be one of the fundamental infrastructures for the smart cities of the future and are used in a variety of scenarios with each having different power supply requirements.

In the field of energy storage, governments and corporations around the world in recent years are switching en masse to new energy policies that favor a higher percentage of green power to curb further climate change. But due to the sporadic nature of renewable energy, governments, corporations, and families will all need to have energy storage devices in their grids to ensure a stable supply of power. As one of the top ten largest power supply manufacturers in the world, FSP has also extended its reach to this field.

Broadly speaking, energy storage devices can be divided into three types: small, medium, and large. Small energy storage devices are generally mobile or portable energy storage sources, serving primarily as backup to the main system because of their smaller size. Medium energy storage solutions primarily target families and corporations to ensure power stability as well as help with regulate power costs. Lastly, large energy storage solutions are usually part of the local power grid, used for modulating power stability over a region. FSP's energy storage solutions are centered around small to medium size scenarios, such as the AGV 24/48V battery module, home appliance B2B mobile battery, and other medium-sized energy storage solutions for commercial or family installations.

Looking forward, FSP wants to continue to discover potential clients from the commercial and home power grid market by focusing on three goals. The first is to develop distributed energy storage products under the 10kW capacity. The second is to develop a hardware-software-integrated energy management system. The third is to find more suppliers of lithium iron phosphate batteries to alleviate the relevant supply chain instability issues.

In addition to existing efforts to improve product performance and applications, FSP is also actively looking for cross-field integration opportunities, most notably by joining hands with ADLINK from the 5G Ecosystem Alliance. ADLINK has extensive hardware capabilities in vertical application integration and has been a significant player in the field of smart transportation for many years, making them the ideal partner to integrate with FSP's power supply products. Besides ADLINK, FSP is also working with other partners in the alliance to strengthen its server system UPS product line, providing customers with high performance and high stability solutions by drawing from the strengths of partnering companies.

(Source: FSP)

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