Targeting at the “Waiting Period” Business Opportunity, Electronics Distributor Tsannkuen Establishes First DC Fast Charger at Its Store

published: 2021-12-30 16:47 | editor: | category: News

Tsannkuen, a major distributor of home appliances and electronic products in Taiwan, announced a plan to establish fast chargers for electric cars in its stores. The company’s first DC fast charging station is located at the Wuchuan branch in Taichung, which was inaugurated on December 29. Aiming to create a life circle with all-electric vehicles, these one-stop stations will help Tsannkuen connect its retail business to the EV industrial chain, meeting customers’ needs of grocery shopping and vehicle charging as well as the environmental policies.

As Tsannkuen indicates, the number of registered license plates for electric vehicles in Taiwan has elevated as the EV market is thriving while multinational vehicle manufacturers are following the EU’s net-zero emission policies, marking the beginning of the EV era.    

To jump on the bandwagon, Tsannkuen partnered with EVALUE to build a 120kW DC fast charger at its Wuchuan store in Taichung. The charger features the CHAdeMO and CCS1 charge points that are applicable to most EVs as well as a Tesla charging adapter, allowing EV owners to charge their cars effortlessly. 

Chi-Tien Lin, chairperson of Tsannkuen, said that in response to the “waiting period” economy, the distributor will first expand fast charging stations to other branches in central Taiwan and gradually to northern and southern cities. When going shopping in the store, customers can simultaneously plug in their cars at the fast charging station outside. In this way, the company can fulfil customers’ demand for diverse, high-quality shopping experiences.    

 (Photo credit: Tsannkuen Co., Ltd.)

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