SRE Partners with Shizen Energy to Develop Offshore Wind Farms in Kyushu

published: 2021-12-31 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Swancor Renewable Energy (SRE) announced that it has signed an agreement with Shizen Energy to establish a floating offshore wind power project in Kyushu, Japan through a future joint venture.

Shizen Energy has installed 1GW of power and began regional development for the first time in 2016. SRE CEO Lucas Lin stated that Shizen Energy has long focused on developing renewable energy in the past including land-based wind power and solar energy. As for SRE, the company has focused on offshore wind power. From 2012 to today, the past problems and difficulties faced by SWE are also the challenges Shizen Energy will face.

In this partnership, SRE can provide experience related to development, technology, and even natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes. Lucas Lin indicated, the development of wind farms must take into account regulatory and cultural issues. Therefore, an Asian company should be found that understands Japanese culture, systems, and even potential natural disasters. In terms of natural disasters, the upper latitudes have already been studied when it comes to ocean and sea energy wind farms.  

Future cooperation between the two parties includes investment and the establishment of a new company. Lucas Lin stated, the most important thing is to invest previously accumulated development experience. From development and construction to subsequent operation/maintenance, SRE already possesses three types of experience. 

On the Taiwan side, SRE has also combined the resources of two elite companies, J&V Energy Technology and Yeong Guan Energy, to further the vision of enriching development plans, establishing a foothold in Taiwan, and opening up the Asian market through wider participation.

The Japanese government set a goal in 2018, expecting that the proportion of renewable energy power generation will increase to 22-24% before 2030. In 2021, the government announced more measures to be implemented to further increase this target to 36-38%, including the increase of offshore and onshore wind power generation capacity to 10GW. In addition, Japan recently passed the "Act of Promoting Utilization of Sea Areas in Development of Power Generation Facilities Using Maritime Renewable Energy Resources," lending momentum to the Japanese offshore wind power market.

Taiwan Executive Yuan Vice Premier Shen Jong-chin stated, “Taiwan's offshore wind power is not only the future trend of Taiwan's energy development but also the international competitive advantage we have accumulated through continuous effort. I am very happy that the cooperation between SRE and Shizen Energy shows that the hard work we have accumulated in the past has matured.

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