Foxconn Industrial Internet: Metaverse, New Energy Vehicles, Semiconductors will Become a Second Growth Curve

published: 2022-01-14 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Foxconn Industrial Internet (Fii) CEO, Brand Cheng, revealed Fii’s 2022 strategic direction last week at the global annual online work conference. He said that in 2022, in addition to consolidating longstanding business advantages, Fii will continue development in the three major fields of Metaverse, new energy vehicles, and semiconductors, creating a second growth curve for company.

In summarizing 2021 results, Brand Cheng said that, despite many difficulties such as the pandemic and material shortages, Fii performed well. The Metaverse concept continues to gain popularity, driving a significant growth in demand for related infrastructure. Fii 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and other communications and mobile network equipment orders surged and cloud computing products also achieved double-digit shipment growth in the first quarter.

Brand Cheng explained that the logic behind pivoting Fii into the fields of Metaverse, semiconductors, and new energy vehicles is based on these three industries generating and using a large amount of data. The application of industrial big data is the specialty Fii and also plays an important supporting role in providing digital transformation capabilities for various industries.

In terms of the Metaverse, Brand Cheng pointed out that in the seven-layer value chain of the Metaverse, Fii has a deep investment in infrastructure, human-computer interaction, decentralization, etc. Shipments of Wi-Fi 6-related products have exceeded 30 million units and 5G base stations and 400G switch-related products continue to maintain double-digit growth. In terms of 5G patent applications, Fii has an annual growth rate of more than 70%. It has also expanded to 5G+ Internet of Vehicles, 5G+ smart home, 5G+ edge computing and other fields and continuously expands the application value of 5G.

In terms of the new energy vehicle industry chain, Brand Cheng said that Fii will provide for the needs of lightweight, power saving, and intelligent new energy vehicles as the goal and vision of its relevant investment. In the future, Fii will focus on three areas: electric drive and electronic control components, Internet of Vehicles and smart vehicles, and industrial Internet empowerment.

As for semiconductors, Brand Cheng explained that Fii itself is a huge exporter and stable semiconductor capacity is very important. IC design, wafer processing, chemical materials, wafer testing, package testing, and equipment manufacturing will bring huge business opportunities to Fii. Industrial Internet businesses can also improve the efficiency of semiconductor companies by building lighthouse factories.

(Image:Foxconn Industrial Internet)

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