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Samsung Heavy Industries Works with Danish Nuclear Reactor Supplier on Developing Offshore Nuclear Plant Equipment

published: 2022-04-11 9:30

As pointed out by South Korean media BusinessKorea, Samsung Heavy Industries had announced on the signing of a MOU with Danish compact molten salt reactor (CMSR) developer Seaborg in order to develop offshore nuclear plant equipment from the foundation of CMSR.

The coverage pointed out that CMSR is able to generate power through nuclear fission without emission of carbon dioxide. In addition, nuclear reactors established on top of the foundation of CMSR are usually smaller in sizes compared to general nuclear reactors. The particular reactor exerts significant stability, and freezes using molten salt mixture when experiencing abnormal signals, which facilitates a vast application range.

The coverage emphasizes that Samsung Heavy Industries is planning to develop an 800MW offshore nuclear reactor prototype with Seaborg in 2022 due to the latter’s manufacturing capability in offshore plants. Furthermore, Samsung Heavy Industries is also expected to expand its business to the development of offshore power plants that generate power using hydrogen and ammonia.

Troels Schönfeldt, founder and CEO of Seaborg, commented that the technical cooperation with global shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries would accelerate the commercialization schedule for offshore nuclear plants. The latter also commented that it is currently focused on developing innovative products that would be utilized for carbon neutrality, and the scope comprises from renewable energy to nuclear energy.

 (Cover photo source: pixabay)

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