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CLOU Captures Contract for 485MWh of Energy Storage Equipment from South America

published: 2022-04-11 9:30

Chinese news outlets reported in late March that CLOU has secured a contract to provide battery energy storage systems to a well-known foreign energy company whose name has yet to be disclosed. According to the contract, CLOU will provide 485MWh of energy storage systems for one of the largest energy storage projects to date in South America. Again, the value and other terms of this contract as well as the details about the project have yet to be revealed. Based in Shenzhen, CLOU offers products and services related to energy storage, new energy vehicle, electric power equipment, smart manufacturing, etc. It is a state-owned enterprise.

For the project in South America, CLOU will deliver 168 units of its 20m-long energy storage crates. Each crate comes preinstalled with the latest generation of the 1500V high-density energy storage system developed by the company. The product is touted as being highly sustainable, highly reliable, and highly efficient. Moreover, it can be easily and rapidly deployed. Besides these advantages, the product has also been certified as being UL29540A compliant. It has thus attained a very high standard for operational safety and efficiency. The successfully deployment of CLOU’s solution in one of the largest grid-side projects in South America will have a demonstrative significance for not only the viability of the battery energy storage technology in the region but also the company’s capability with respect to product development.                                    

The Chinese news outlets further reported that the foreign energy company itself employs thousands of technicians and offers solutions worldwide. Additionally, it is worth noting that CLOU already captured contracts for two other energy storage projects in South America earlier in December last year and January this year respectively. The contract inked in December is for a project sized 3MWh, whereas the contract inked in January is for a project sized 69MWh. The company stated that product deliveries are progressing according to schedule for these two projects.

Even though CLOU was just established last year as a certified supplier, the company has been receiving a steady flow of incoming orders. In addition to South America, the company is also making inroads in Africa, Europe, North America, etc.

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