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Taiwan Panasonic Carbon Reduction, Purchases Aeon Ai-2 Gather as Factory Transport

published: 2022-05-10 9:30

In order to reduce the total carbon emissions of the company, Taiwan Panasonic purchased the Ai-2 Gather commercial electric tricycles from Aeon Motors which were officially delivered on April 29, becoming the best logistics vehicle in its factory campus.

Since the release of the Aeon electric commercial tricycle Ai-2 Gather, it is not only become famous, but also has strong buying momentum. In addition to the domestic e-commerce and logistics companies that purchase immediately, international giant Panasonic has also joined the ranks.

Taiwan Panasonic purchased a total of 32 Ai-2 Gathers to meet the needs of colleagues for safety in riding and product delivery. It is more in line with the company's ESG sustainability goals. Under the operating philosophy of energy conservation and carbon reduction, the tricycle fulfills the corporate responsibility to improve the earth, environment, an is the best choice for the electrification of vehicles. In the future, vehicles will be used as tools for maintenance colleagues to transport products and maintenance materials, making transportation more environmentally friendly, safer, and more efficient.

The Ai-2 Gather adopts a newly developed gear direct-drive transmission system, a three-point one-side three-wheel setting method, which has both riding flexibility and cargo stability. It is equipped with a practical reversing button and reversing warning light as standard, allowing the vehicle to more safely and easily move out of parking spaces. At the same time, with two labor-saving designs—a parking lever and a rear shelf space with a height of 73.5 cm, it can greatly reduce the occupational hazards of workers. In the future, Aeom hopes this vehicle will become the product in the commercial delivery market.

In addition to corporate customers such as Momo Shopping and Lalamove, there are also many full-time delivery drivers who are interested in buying the Ai-2 Gather. Aeon also continues to add pre-orders that enjoy a limited discount of NT$10,000, with an option for a dual battery for NT$319 save on monthly fees or high-volume usage suitable for commercial use. Buy now and also enjoy up to 30 periods of zero interest rate discounts on designated credit cards for the entire vehicle series. At present, Aeon smart stores in Taiwan are gradually offering test rides, so that consumers can fully experience the Ai-2 Gather.

(Image: Aeon)

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