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Subaru Pure Electric SOLTERRA SUV Pre-sale Starting From NT$1.798 million

published: 2022-05-18 9:30

Another Japanese pure electric car! Subaru's first electric SUV, the SOLTERRA, is available for pre-sale in Taiwan today. The single-color model is priced at NT$1.798 million, giving Taiwan another choice in the electric vehicle market.

Entering the summer of 2022, electric vehicles are making a full court press. The Toyota bZ4X, which was launched this week, was quickly depleted and the Kia EV6 and Hyundai IONIQ 5 also sold out. Today, Subaru's first pure electric SUV, the SOLTERRA, announced the opening of pre-sale.

Subaru released its first pure electric vehicle SOLTERRA in November last year, using the e-SUBARU Global Platform chassis co-designed with Toyota, plus their proud SAWD symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive and X-Mode escape technology, enabling this electric SUV to drive off-road.

Surprisingly, the pre-sale schedule in Taiwan was accelerated and, according to distributors, the vehicle will officially launch in the third quarter of this year. Although actual delivery time has not yet been confirmed, judging from universal materials shortages, Solterra may be arrive in line with earlier electric vehicle offerings.

Compared with the pure electric SUVs currently on the market, Solterra obviously leans towards the outdoors and it partitions the market with its sister car, the bZ4X. Although it is not clear whether this was planned by distributors, the Taiwan version of the bZ4X only has front-wheel drive and Solterra seems to have only an all-wheel drive version, so consumers will not have difficulty choosing models.

Taiwan will not have an 18-inch rim model but goes directly for a 20-inch rim style. Obviously, this pays more attention to the fun part of handling. To some extent, the Solterra can be regarded as a 20-inch tire all-wheel drive version of the bZ4X, so a price of NT$1.798 million is actually very reasonable.

It is worth noting that relevant options are not listed in the official press release and website. At present, in addition to the aforementioned power technology, only a panoramic sunroof is installed. It is still uncertain if the vehicle will include an AC socket and V2H (vehicle power recharge), which are very easy to use outdoors, and the dual Type-C connectors in the rear seat.

Since Solterra and bZ4X are actually using the same architecture, battery capacity and charging power are also the same. Solterra has an estimated range of 487 kilometers and fast charging support power of up to 150 kW.

In terms of intelligent assistance, Solterra does not use the original EyeSight system but the same "Subaru Safety Sense" as Toyota, which provides automatic braking assistance, emergency avoidance assistance, automatic follow, and lane tracking assistance. As for "parking assistance" that can be controlled remotely using a mobile phone, it is still uncertain whether it will be provided.


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